RED (Really Excellent Decisions) Week starts Monday, October 25th. 

We will kick off our RED Week with an exciting assembly on Monday. There are Spirit days and at-home challenges (notes went home Thursday) for students to participate in, and the class with the highest participation percentage will earn a special reward!

10/25: Mindful Monday

--Be mindful of your body, your words, and your actions. Use your head and wear a hat!!

10/26: Try Something New Tuesday

--Dress up like a superhero for being brave and trying something new! 

10/27: Wellness Wednesday

--Take care of your body and mind! Wear your favorite workout gear!

10/28:  Thankful Thursday

--Dress up like your role model or someone you look up to. Who are you thankful for?

10/29: Feel Good Friday

--Get warm and cozy in your jammies!