Bus Information

At this time, the Santa Fe School District provides possible bus transportation to almost all areas of the district. If you have questions about whether or not your child is eligible to ride the school bus, please call the school at 660-493-2811.
The safety of students during their transportation to and from school is a responsibility which they and their parents share with the drivers and school officials. It is necessary that each student be aware of what conduct is expected when riding the bus.

1. The driver is in charge of the pupils and the bus. Pupils must obey the driver promptly.
2. Pupils must be on time. Drivers will not wait for those who are tardy.
3. Pupils should never stand in the roadway while waiting for the bus.
4. Unnecessary conversation with the driver is not advised.
5. Classroom conduct is to be observed by pupils while riding the bus.
6. The students should not try to get on or off the bus while it is in motion.
7. The students should not extend head or arms out of the bus windows.
8. The students should observe instructions from the driver when leaving the bus.
9. Any damages to a bus must be paid for by the student responsible for the damages.
10. The driver will not discharge riders at places other than that of the regular stop near home or school, unless proper permission is given by parent/school official.

Students who fail to observe these rules will be subject to disciplinary action from the Building Principal and possible ineligibility from the bus.