Academic Achievement Letters

Nearly every high school grants school-sponsored Athletic Letters to students who become members of the various varsity athletic teams. The Academic Achievement Letter grants similar recognition for good scholarship. Each fall, Santa Fe High School awards Academic Achievement Letters, locally known as the "Smart S," to students who meet the following criteria:

Students in the sophomore, junior, and senior classes who earn at least sixty-five (65) points during the academic year will receive an Academic Achievement Letter. In order to accumulate 65 points, a student must achieve A's in each class, which equal four (4) points, or B's, which equal three (3) points. No points are awarded for grades below a B, and no points are awarded for Tutoring or Teacher's Assistant courses.

The Santa Fe R-10 Booster Club sponsors the Academic Achievement Letter program. The letters and bars are given for high scholarship achievement in academic subjects. Only one letter is granted to a student in his/her high school career. If a student has received the letter in a previous year and subsequently qualifies for the award again, he/she will receive a gold bar to be placed on the letter.