On behalf of our entire staff, I'd like to welcome our new and returning students to Santa Fe Elementary! It's with great honor and much enthusiasm that we are starting our school year. While our "normal" may look a little differently, our primary focus of ensuring students are given an equal opportunity to achieve in a safe, nurturing environment where their increasing their academic, physical, and social/emotional growth is our goal. Our world may look a little different, but I'm confident that 2020-2021 is going to be the best year yet!

As elementary principal, I am excited to reunite with familiar faces and to meet new ones! I'm anxious to hear all about the summer's adventures. This is my sixteenth year at Santa Fe and fourth as elementary principal.  It's truly an honor to serve in a district so bound in tradition where parents, teachers, staff and students care for each other and  work together to build a positive educational community.  We are blessed to have a community with a strong commitment to excellence in education, which is reflected by our quality curricular and co-curricular programs and activities here at Santa Fe Elementary and throughout the Santa Fe R-X School District. 

Santa Fe Elementary includes students in preschool through sixth grade, and we also offer programs for learning support and academic enrichment, such as Gifted Education (Learning Links), Reading Recovery Program, Title I Reading, Math Club (grades 4th-6th), Student Council, Sixth Grade Band, and tutoring at all grade levels. Students in the fifth and sixth grade have the opportunity to participate in our athletic programs/tournaments, which include volleyball, basketball and track. Additionally, we have a school-wide comprehensive Character Education program which is reinforced each month by recognizing our "Chiefs of the Month". These are students who have demonstrated Santa Fe Pride and have been recognized by staff as being active examples of our monthly focus. 

Our school utilizes a proactive system of discipline, known as the B.I.S.T. (Behavior Intervention Support Team) Program. This program allows staff to assist students in learning how to take good care of themselves and make good choices, while also taking responsibility for the choices that they make. The focus of this program, grace with accountability, has a direct impact on helping our students become responsible, caring citizens, while also protecting instruction time for all students.

We at Santa Fe understand there is a direct relationship between motor and cognitive processes. To support our students' needs, we utilize both a Sensory Room and Motor Lab. We are incredibly fortunate to have a fully-functional Sensory Room. Under the guidance of a certified occupational therapist, trained staff support students' individual sensory needs, so that they are better able to maintain a focused, calm state, which allows them to retain learned information and better self-regulate through use of equipment and activities. In addition to our Sensory Room, we have a Motor Lab, which is available to all students and is used to improve our children's abilities to maneuver and function in their environment leading them to better perform in tasks such as handwriting, sitting still, paying attention, speaking, and behavior. 

The Santa Fe Elementary P.T.O. (Parent Teacher Organization) is very active in our school and provides support services and funding for school activities and programs. Our community organizations are also very supportive of our students and programs at school. We encourage all families are to join and stay active in our school.

We anticipate seeing students unloading from cars and hopping off of buses. We await having our silent halls filled with the sounds of children hustling to class and sharing stories. New friendships will blossom, as well as reconnecting with old friends. There's an unbeatable feeling to starting a new school year!

I would like to extend my sincere and heartfelt "Thank you!" to our custodial staff for their diligence in preparing our facilities for this school year. 

“Santa Fe Pride” is our district motto, and we work hard to show this pride every single day in all that we do. We invite you to come by or contact us to visit about the exciting things that are happening at Santa Fe Elementary! 

Stacey Smith, Santa Fe Elementary Principal


I am a Santa Fe Chief.

I pledge to be respectful,

to be responsible,

and to be kind.

With my words and actions,

I will show Santa Fe Pride!